August 3, 2008

No love lost

In Boston there wasn't the massive protests against Manny Ramirez
being traded--especially after Bay's winning performances these past
two games. While in Rockport, Sam and I came across evidence of the
collective sigh of relief that followed Thursday's trade.


It's 3am and we just got back from seeing Bruce Springsteen at
Foxboro. Great concert, one of the best I've seen. Time for bed!

August 1, 2008

Seaside Rocks

Sam and I had a very relaxing evening at Halibut Point state park in
Rockport. The weather was just beautiful and there was hardly anyone
on the shore. Sam enjoyed the kelp and other sea vegetation on these
rocks, which was showing really well because it was low tide.

July 5, 2008

Holy shit!

Wowie! I'm now a married man and loving every part of it.

June 26, 2008


Sam wants a puppy! But not this one.

June 21, 2008

The Chuppah

A sign of how many days we have left until the wedding (13!). Tim and
I put together a sturdy chuppah that will make this wedding right.
Thanks for the help, Tim! And thanks for breaking the pot we had
previously chosen for the base of the pole. No kidding! These boxes
work a lot better.

June 19, 2008

Suggested Reading: China Earthquake Strips

Coco Wang, a Chinese graphic novelist and animator, has been producing an amazing series of strips about the aftermath of the earthquakes in China on 5/12/08. Some of the stories are on the verge of urban legends but you want to believe they're true because the tragedy was of such epic proportions. Definitely suggested reading, it's been blowing my mind.

June 16, 2008

My AM Walk

The Boston Community Gardens lies along my path between campuses, so I
walk along it about four times a week. This is one of my favorite
parts of my job. My colleagues say it must be a pain to walk between
campuses so often--the joke's on them.

June 14, 2008

Update: The Big Race

Sam got first place for her age group--yay Sam! Krista came in third
in hers, and so did their friend Lisa. You go girls!

The Big Race

Sam and Krista are doing their first five mile race today. They were a
bundle of nerves before starting but I'm sure that by now they're not
thinking about anything but putting more road behind them.

June 11, 2008

Update: Leif

I was walking by the Leif Erikson statue today and noticed the Guy
Fawkes mask was no longer there. Knowing it had been a windy and
stormy last night, I poked around the plants at the base of the statue
and, ok and behold, the mask was among them. My suspicion that the
"Anonymous" Scientology protesters were behind it was correct: inside
the mask was written their website-- Now my
cubicle is jazzed up with the addition of the mask and my decorating
is complete!

Update: McCain in Boston

Apparently John McCain is doing some fundraising, according to this
article below: